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The Megahalems processor cooler first appeared on pictures from inside the DFI lab. A then unknown cooler with a DFI logo was assumed to be the first commercial processor cooler. It was later identified as Prolimatech’s Megahalems cooler, most just assumed that DFI had simply borrowed it to run some tests in the lab. The story has now taken a new turn as everything points to that DFI is really about to sell the Megahalems cooler under its own brand.

The motherboard manufacturer showed the cooler at CeBIT as a part of its product assortment and even if won’t be making the cooler, DFI won’t be the only company rebranding coolers. Prolimatech has had a hard time to get its seemingly well performing cooler out on the market, DFI could be a good partner. When and at what price DFI Megahalems will appear is uncertain.

Pictures courtesy of Expreview


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