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DFI LANParty UT RDX200 is one of the first mainboards on the market that supports ATi’s multi-GPU-technology CrossFire. DFI has been mvoing fast forward on the enthusiast market with its very popular mainboards based on nVidia’s nForce 4-chipsets. DFI has really worked up a good reputation and now that it is one of the first to launch a CrossFire-mainboard they hope to strengthen its position and at the same tim give ATi a push in the right direction. At Anandtech they’ve tested the new mainboard and there is a lot of things to be glad for. The performance is up to par with the nForce 4-chipsets and at the same time DFI has managed to solve the ”unsolvable” problem with 1T latencies when using 4 memory modules, which is working just fine with DFI LANParty UT RDX200.

DFI LANParty UT RDX200 seems to be another enthusiast market where DFI has tuned the promising RD480-chipset with its enginerring skills. The only con is the limitations ATi’s SB480 southbridge brings but those looking for high performance and overclocking potential DFI LANParty UT RDX200 seems to be a very good choice.

:: Read the review at Anandtech


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