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Several manufacturers took the opportunity to present its coming Intel P55 motherboards at CeBIT. DFI was not one of them, for some reason it decided to wait with unveiling its coming creation. Now that the event is over it has decided to share some pictures and specifications for DFI’s first Core i5-based motherboard, DFI LANParty Dark P55 T3eH6. The motherboard on the pictures is not final, which is also reflected by the incomplete specifications.


  • Sole P55 chipset (other functions are integrated in processor; memory, GPU et.c)
  • CPU power supply with 6+2 phases
  • Four DDR3 DIMM slots for dual-channel DDR3 memory
  • 3 x PCI-E x16 slots
  • 8xSATA II, 14x USB2.0, eSATA
  • ALC889 sound circuit
  • On-board buttons for power and reset, Boot code LED display.

The pictures reveal nothing about the cooling, which means that DFI isn’t quite done yet. Intel’s P55 chipset will launch in Q3 2009, which means that nothing is final at this stage.


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