Over at Anandtech they’ve tested two DDR550 (PC4400) modules from OCZ and Corsair. Every overclockers dream … or?

They’ve used an unlocked 2,4-C GHz P4 to overclock and test the performance of the memories. They have tested them in speeds from 400MHz up to 550MHz, and then testing how far they would go. Alas they’ve forgot to tell us what  timings were used in the different speeds. They have put results from ”older” PC4000 modules in every test as well, which gives us a pretty good overview.

Although they have a small section comparing MHz vs timings, which might be interesting to read for all you overclockers. They can do this in a fair way by first running in DDR400, with CPU running at 200*16 (3,2 GHz)and lowest timings, and then DDR533, with PCU running at 266*12 (3,2 GHz).

If you want know which memory performs best click here



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