OCZ PC2-8500 Platinum is one of the fastest DDR2 memories around and we will here take a closer look at them. A high clock frequency of the RAM never hurt anyone (figurely speaking), but it’s far more than just the frequency that has an impact on the performance. The DDR2 technology is just as dependent on memory latencies as DDR1 and in our latest article we take a closer look at how the frequencies and latencies affect each other and of course the overall performance. In the center of attention we a pair of OCZ PC2-8500 modules and except from a extensive memory analysis we test the performance and the overclocking potential of these modules.

”Today we see DDR2 on all performance platforms, at the same time we’re seeing that DDR2 has started replacing DDR on the low end systems as well. We’ve earlier looked at the memory performance of AMD’s AM2 platform and now it’s time to examine the performance of its Intel counterpart.”

:: DDR2 analysis: OCZ PC2-8500 Platinum


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