Danamics LMX is the second generation liquid metal cooler from the Danish cooling maker. We reviewed the first generation, the LM10, over a year ago, and while it did impress us in many ways it was too flawed to become a success. The LMX on the other hand is said to be an improvement in pretty much every way imaginable. They said they would listen to our critique and at a first glance it sure looked like they had. We have tested the cooler thoroughly and put it against some real tough competition to see if it can live up to our high expectations.

”Danamics told us it had listened to the feedback from us and buyers to make sure that it doesn’t repeat any mistakes from the first products. At a first glance it looks like we have little reason to doubt them. The design and packaging has been complete reworked, it’s now a LOT cleaner and better looking (325 times better if you ask Jonas).”

 :: Danamics LMX  – Second Generation Liquid Metal Cooler


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