Small preview imageDanamics is preparing to launch its second generation liquid metal cooler LMX, not to be confused with the former LM-10. The cooler is in our lab and we’re cuddling away with it, but until we can tell you anything more specific about the cooler itself, we can tell you that it will cost 159€, but then you get the PowerBooster and two specially designed 120mm fans from SilenX along with high-grade thermal compound and mounting kits for all current sockets.

The cooler design has been redesigned with a much cleaner look, but unfortunately we can only show you the pictures available on the web. Just as with the launch of LM-10, Danamics has a special launch even offer;

To celebrate the LMX launch, we have decided to add two extra LED low noise 120mm fans by SilenX to the first customers. This offer will last for four weeks after the launch or as long as we have these packages in stock. We will of cause make access to purchasing of extra fans, if there is an increasing demand for these afterwards. You will soon receive a specific date for the official launch.

Check out the official LMX site for more information. Stay tuned.


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