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Danamics got a lot of attention a while back when stories started to go around that it had a new kind of CPU cooling in development. It was said that Danamics had been able to harvest the power of liquid metal. Not much information could be found on the website, until now. Danamics has updated it with what it calls the worlds first commercially available liquid metal based CPU cooler – Danamics LM10. Danamics mentions two key characteristics when describing the pump: the unique electromagnetic pump with its patent pending multi-string design and the liquid metal with its superior thermo physical characteristics.

An electromagnetic pump has the advantage that it has no moving parts and emits no noise or even the slightest vibration. Danamics says that it’s new multi-string electromagnetic pump eliminates the need for a high current requirement and delivers a high flow with minimal current input. The mere size of the pump also makes it very flexible and it could be used even for laptops.

The second key is the liquid metal. The exact composition is of course unknown and will most likely stay that way. Danamics only mentions the pros of having liquid metal, but not specifically its liquid metal. I.e. superior thermo physical properties that decrease temperatures and of course enables electromagnetic pumping.

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We’ve been in contact with Danamics so keep your eyes open for more information on this liquid metal cooler.


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