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We are all well aware of how widespread Internet frauds are and the Nordea scandal was another proof of how much money is involved. According to a recently published report by PC Tools Malware Research Center the number of hidden threats have increased by 120%. The fact is that if you compare the amount of money cyber thieves make with how much drug lords make, the first one comes out on top. These hidden threats, which usually are about stealing identities, are often done via trojans, but also rootkits, viruses and/or combinations of these are common. The borders between these are becoming more and more illusive and we certainly hope that you are cautious while moving around the web.

”Cyber thieves are making more money than drug dealers, according to a recent global identity theft report. Given the huge rise in ID theft this year, it would be safe to presume cyber thieves are now earning as much as a small country. It is a massive problem and this is why we are facing one of the most significant Internet security battles ever. Everyone is vulnerable from those using social networking sites to individuals simply filing online taxes. Those security vendors who do not revise their Internet security technology will be ineffective.”


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