We’re guessing that relatively few have heard of the memory manufacturer CompuStocx, also known as CSX, but as a newcomer it has some great ambitions: offering high-performance memory modules without compromises, and doing so at a competitive price point. We have gotten our hands on a 2GB DDR3 memory kit with rather respectable specifications. The modules are claimed to do up to 2000MHz with 8-7-6-19 timings at 2.0-2.1V. In our latest review we try to find out if CSX has what it takes to break into the already crowded memory market.

”What makes CSX different from most other manufacturers is that they are going against the flow and cut through all of the details that have no affect on the performance and are at the same time very clear with what circuits they are using. You don’t have to go through data sheets or keep track of revisions, CSX prints the original product code right on the memory. ”

:: CSX Diablo3 2000 Overclocking Analysis


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