Crucial has launched a new memory module with the capacity of 2GB. It’s specified as PC3200 in CAS 3, and is intended for use with AMD Athlon 64 FX and AMD Opetron. They also work with Xeon-systems. Alas, it’s ECC-memories we’re talking about. The big capacity makes it possible for a total of 8GB memory, compared to earlier 4GB.
The memories are based on 256MB 5ns DRAM-capsules, with model number CT25672Y40B.
Corsair has also ECC-memories with high storage capacity on the market, but they only have 1GB of storage capcity though, which makes it imposible to reach the same total capcity (8GB) with these memories.
The price lies at $999, and they are available at Crucial’s own online-store.

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