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Robert ”Crotale” Kihlberg is not only a respected writer here at NH but also an world class overclocker. Robert’s two convincing Performance Championship titles and his other overclocking escapades, some together with our other overclocking guru Marcus ”Kinc” hultin, has altogether given him a worldwide reputation, not only among the press but also among the component manufacturers. A clear sign for this is that motherboard manufacturer ABIT has invited Robert to CeBIT where he will display some extreme overclocking with his compressor cascade. Robert has displayed some great skills with Intel’s processor platform and his several overclocking records using Intel 955 Extreme Edition will come in handy at CeBit as it is this very processor that will be used at CeBIT for some 6GHz+ overclocking.

So if any of you are going to CeBIT don’t forget to check out ABIT’s booth. Those of you who have visited DreamHack the last couple of events knows how it can look when Robert gets going and those of you who doesn’t have the time to go and see Robert at CeBIT will get a new chance at DreamHack where both Crotale and Kinc will be in NH’s booth.

Robert will be reporting about his own adventures at CeBit, but also supply us with coverage from the event that will bring tons of interesting news, so keep your eyes open as we will be supplying you with some really nice inside stuff as CeBit kicks off March 9.


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