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CodeWeavers have announced a new kind of CrossOver software, which implicitly focuses on Games. The CrossOver applications are used to run Windows applications, mainly Office, on Linux and Mac, but with this latest incarnation, CodeWeavers brings games to both Linux and Mac. Both Wine and Cedega can be used to play games on Linux, but now we have a third alternative in the form of CrossOver Games, although all three have a common ancestor in early Wine development. The list of games may not be very long as of today, but the situation will improve and cover most of the most popular games of today.

The list is a lot shorter than the one Cedega 6.0 boasts (more than 300 titles), but more games will be added as we go along. CodeWeavers says it will update its CrossOver Games application frequently to keep it ”bleeding edge.”

”One of the differences between CrossOver Games and our current CrossOver products is that it’s going to be a little more ’bleeding edge’,” said Jeremy White, President and CEO of CodeWeavers. ”The Wine development community, including CodeWeavers, is cranking out a lot of important improvements to game support. We want to get those improvements into the hands of gamers now. CrossOver Games, we think, will fit in with the edgier technology needs of gamers.”

Over at Phoronix they’ve published a preview with a couple of benchmarks where they compare the performance of CrossOver Games to Wine 9.58 and Windows Vista. CrossOver Games comes out on top.

:: CodeWeavers CrossOver Games Preview

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