Over at Viperlair.com they have been able to grab a hold of Corsair’s chief of marketing Joe James and has asked him a whole bunch of questions regarding Corsair and their different products.

The major part of the interview is, not entirely unexpected, about Corsair’s memories. We find out more about Corsair’s investment in DDR2 and their view on the technology itself behind DDR2.

The interview also takes up Corsair’s water-cooling kit, Corsair HydroCool, which was somewhat of a surprise when it showed up. Among others it turns out that Corsair believe in a period of five years water-cooling will be used by the public and not only a product used by computer enthusiasts.
Which doesn’t sound that farfetched considering the increasing amount of heat from todays PC-processorers.

If you want to read more about Corsair and their products you can find the entire interview here.


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