Corsair follows competitor Enermax and presents a compatibility list for its power supplies. The units support Intel’s new power saving modes in processor architecture Haswell. This comes after reports of stability problems at extremely low currents, something that is not a problem for Corsair.

Before the launch of Intel’s new processor architecture Haswell reports surfaced stating that the new energy saving modes will put a new level of load on power supplies. The new modes C6 and C7 will lower the currents to merely 0.05 Ampere, which is one tenth of what the latest ATX specification and Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture requires.

Power supplies that cannot maintain current this low, which results in a load of only 0.5 watt, may get problems with over- and undervoltage protections triggering, and shut down.

There was talk about some power supplies, especially those with cheaper components, not being able to deliver the currents required, but this has made power supply makers step up and present compatibility lists for their respective power supplies, as has Corsair.

”Corsair utilizes this DC to DC technology in most of their power supplies. Starting with the CX750 and CX750M and moving all of the way through the GS Series, TX and TX-M Series, the HX Series, both the AX Series Gold and AX Series Platinum, and the new AXi Series. So whatever your budget, if you choose Intel’s new Haswell processor and wish to utilize the new, low power C7 sleep state, Corsair has a power supply for you.” – Corsair in a blogpost.

The memory and power supply maker have tested a big portion of its assortment and says that power supplies with DC/DC conversion for +5 volt and +3.3 volt will work in all scenarios. Corsair is currently testing all of its power supplies to confirm that they work with Intel’s new power saving modes in Haswell and have already verified a lot of the models.


As a result of the uncertainty surround all of this (not Corsair specifically), motherboard makers have decided to make the new modes optional with settings in uefi/bios and in notebooks and factory built systems the power supplies will already have been tested to work with the new processors.


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