Corsair Dominator GTX6 is the latest enthusiast memory module that has found its way outside of Corsair’s plants and the specifications are simply impressive. The DDR3 modules has been tested at 2625 MHz in single-channel configurations and 2600 MHz with dual channels.

Corsair Dominator GTX6 is a single rank module with only 1GB capacity per module. A strategic choice by Corsair to maximize the clock frequencies of the memory modules.

The company says that Dominator GTX6 has reached 2625 MHz on a Gigabyte P55A-UD5 motherboard in single-channel mode. Two modules on the same board reached 2600 MHz with stock cooling on the CPU, but to reach the peak frequencies it had to use liquid nitrogen on the Core i7 870 CPU.


This allowed them to cool the integrated memory controller to -80°C and reach an effective clock frequency of 2976 MHz with a single module. They used memory latencies at 10-12-11-31-1T. An overclock that was limited by the base clock wall at 249 MHz.


Corsair continues to push DDR3 to new heights and even if Dominator GTX6 is only good for the extreme overclockers and enthusiasts it is exciting to see the memory technology moving forward.

Corsair Dominator GTX6 is available from the online store costing $150 with limited availability.



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