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Even if Intel’s coming Clarkdale processors may not look that different from the rest on the outside, we know that it hides new dealies under the heatspreader. Clarkdale is the first serious processor architecture where Intel has merged CPU and GPU into the same package and those who have a hard time visualizing we now have pictures of Intel’s coming Core i3 CPU, dismantled, courtesy of TweakTown from their tour of Taiwan (we apologize for the link disappearing in the translation process).

The two circuits seen on the pictures are Intel’s 32nm processor core, and the 45nm graphics circuit that also house the memory controller.

Intel has lifted the northbridge from the motherboard and hid it under the IHS and for the new Clarkdale processors to work as they should you will need a new motherboard sporting the coming chipsets H55 or H57.

Clarkdale is expected to launch January 3rd, 2010 and will then become Intel’s first processor with an integrated GPU.


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