I was browsing through the hundreds of mails we get from sites all over and bumnped into this quite interesting article on ”copy protection”.

Designtechnica discusses the newly approved the FCC’s 13 new broadcast-flag rules. Even though this article might not apply to you now it might just be knowledge worth knowing as this is probably only the first among many steps towards limiting the possiblity for the consumer to handle its own merchandise.

”The FCC has approved 13 sets of broadcast-flag rules—and that’s just the beginning.

I trust the top headline got your attention. For the record, I wouldn’t dream of doing violence to the stars and stripes. However another flag, the broadcast flag, is in the news again with the Federal Communications Commission’s announcement that it has approved 13 different ways of implementing the copy protection technology.           

Actually, isn’t the term “copy protection” a bit vague? Whom does it protect? Not the consumer. The term “copyright protection” comes a bit closer to the truth though the term “digital rights management”—copyright protection for the era of zeroes and ones—is becoming trendier. Perhaps we should just call a spade a spade and call it “anti-copying” technology.”

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