CoolIT is a cooling manufacturer that has chosen its own path by skipping air cooling and going straight for water cooling. The company has now announced a competition where it challenges users to find other uses for old cooling products.

Even if we are convinced that regular heatsink will be around for quite some time it is fascinating to see what people can come up with when they put their minds to it. CoolIT is confident in its water cooling solutions and promises to send out 100 stycken ECO A.L.C coolers to the most clever inventions.

“We are often asked by our customers what they should do with their old air coolers now that they have switched over to CoolIT Advanced Liquid Cooling units. We wanted to come up with a fun way to deal with this question, and this contest is perfect for it”. Says Geoff Lyon, President & CEO of CoolIT Systems.

The task is to find a new new use, capture it on camera and upload to YouTube. CoolIT has posted two video o get things rolling, one with a classic bottle opener and a dog toy.

More information on the compettion, starting August 4th, can be found at CoolIT’s YouTube channel.


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