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Commodore 64 has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and being one of the most popular home computers of all time there are plenty of, including younger, users that have strong feelings for this system. Commodore 64 was a good gaming machine too and this is something developers manomio and kiloo as taken to a new level. They have revived the game machine on Apple’s immensely popular iPhone mobile phone. Commodore 64 for iPhone has an official license from Commodore Gamin B.V., but Apple still removed the complete C64 emulator from its App Store.

Apple says that the program can not be approved in its current shape since it allows foreign code to be executed, which is a potential security risk. The emulator loads different games through its interface, a method used by other iPhone apps that are available in the App Store.

Manomio hopes to get its advanced C64 emulator approved one way or another, alas there are no guarantees. Except from games the emulator also supports Commodore 64 BASIC and enables users to code their own games for the platform.

Beside the couple of nostalgic screenshots Manomio also published a video presentation of its iPhone C64 emulator that will make Commodore owners long for an approval from Apple.

The following comment was posted at YouTube after Apple denied the first version of Commodore 64 for iPhone;

”Manomio is all about retro gaming………stay tuned”


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