Colorful has presented another odd graphics card design. This time it is NVIDIA’s mid-range card GeForce GTS 450 that has acted guinea pig where Colorful has ventured for a single-slot design and decided to makes some extra holes to improve cooling.


Colorful’s GeForce GTS 450 will sport tantalum capacitors and 1GB GDDR5 memory through four 256MB chips. The power supply has 3+1 design where the drossels aren’t baked into the PCB but hangs on the surface. With all these means Colorful has saved space on the PCB, space that has been removed to create ventilation holes.


We expect the company to install its own custom cooling to make best possible use of the odd circuit board design and as usual we applaud Colorful’s innovative solutions. Price and launch date hasn’t been announced.


Source: TPU


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