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We sometime run into some odd creations when we search the web for news and even though far from it is real news material you occasionally run into things like this. It is no less than a shoe with a built-in capacity for up to 100 songs (guessing 512MB?), a battery with six hour capacity, USB port and the perhaps most important: a wireless headset. That the market is moving towards all-in-one products is pretty obvious and a mp3 player integrated into clothes is perhaps something more than a few of you have considered, but this is feeling a bit doubtful to us. A shoe is something that gets to endure some tough times, but who knows maybe they’ve found something here.

Dada calls its new system Code M and it hopes to spread its new shoes not only among the regular distributors but also to electronics stores. An interesting feature with these is that the user will be able to forward his or hers mobile phone calls to the wireless headset. Future Code M will also include GPS, navigation and a LED display. The shoes should arrive in April, in the USA we assume.

Source: dada footwear


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