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OLED may not be all here yet, but is definitely coming as more and more monitor manufacturers are going public to brag about their latest OLED creations. We have seen giants such as Sony and Samsung display impressive OLED panels, although mainly smaller models. Sony even has an 11″ OLED TV called XEL-1 on the market, but the price is anything but appealing at over $2,500, which is also the greatest drawback of the OLED technology. Except from the catastrophic prices there is little negative to be found with the OLED technology. The most attractive about it is certainly the mere thinness OLED TVs sport, something CMEL has proved yet again.

During FPD International in Japan, CMEL unveiled an OLED TV measuring 25″ diagonally with a depth of less than 1mm (!). It had a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and could show 16.7 million colors, which is just breathtaking in this format.

It’s not the thinnest OLED monitor though, not even the biggest, but it is the first monitor with ”regular” measurements with this incredibly thin profile. The biggest problem has to be how you make all the cables as slim and delicate as the TV, or perhaps just throw them out and go wireless … 1mm thin OLED monitor with wireless signals? That is a future I could get used to.


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