AMD Radeon HD 5550 isn’t the fastest card around, but Club3D has now announce one of the faster models in the form of Club3D HD 5500 Overclocked Edition that has both tuned frequencies and a massive 2GB memory buffer.

The graphics card builds on the AMD Redwood GPU and is pretty spartan with a slim cooler. The GPU found under the cooler is made with 40nm technology and houses 320 stream processors.

Club3D HD 5500 Overclocked Edition has a GPU clock frequency of 650 MHz, which is 100 MHz more than AMD’s reference and the same as big brother Radeon HD 5570. The 2GB GDDR3 memory operates at 1,200 MHz, which should also contribute to better performance.

Club3D guides its new tweaked HD 5550 toward budget users looking for a big memory buffer, or a more competent HTPC card with HDMI 1.3a support and bitstreaming of Dolbt TrueHD and DTS-HD Master.



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