Intel will update the Clarkdale architecture with a new stepping by Summer. The current C-2 stepping of Clarkdale was released in January and will be replaced by the new K-0 stepping in July. Intel Core i3-530, i3-540, i5-650, i5-660, i5-661 and i5-670 are the first models to be updated with the new core. You can find the K-0 stepping today already, with Intel’s new Core i5-680 CPU.

In August the entry model, Pentium G6950 is expected to be released with K-0 stepping, but whether Intel has made any substantial breakthroughs with the 32nm process is uncertain. The only thing required for K-0 support is a BIOS update.

As usual Intel will be selling steppings side by side as the old are being phased out. If you’re picky about your processors we have a list of the product names and codes to look for.

  • Core i 5-670 (3.46 GHz): SLBLT (C2) – > SLBTL (K0)
  • Core i 5-661 (3.33 GHz): SLBNE (C2) – > SLBTB (K0)
  • Core i 5-660 (3.33 GHz): SLBLV (C2) – > SLBTK (K0)
  • Core i 5-650 (3.2 GHz): SLBLK (C2) – > SLBTJ (K0)
  • Core i 3-540 (3.06 GHz): SLBMQ (C2) – > SLBTD (K0)
  • Core i 3-530 (2.93 GHz): SLBLR (C2) – > SLBX7 (K0)
  • Pentium G6950 (2.8 GHz): SLBMS (C2) – > SLBTG (K0)



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