Componentmanufacturer Chaintech has recently launched a new concept for the SFF-market with their new line of products: IMO-Desk.
IMO-Desk (Internet Multimedia Office-Desk) is a new version of the popular SFF-system which are flowing out on the PC-market as we speak. We have here at NordicHardware reviewed several SFF-system the latest couple of months and has aimed for the ”original” cubedesign which is the most popular at the moment.

We have seen several good solutions lately and Chaintech is next in line. Their IMO-Desk series uses a case more or less identical to those used by laptops, notebooks etc.
Which means except integrated LCD-screen you get a very compact and easily moved computer. Since IMO-Desk uses regular ”desktopcomponents” when it comes to processor, harddrive and memory it makes it possible to keep prices at a relatively low level.

The system doesn’t use a battery and is therefore no laptop considering you can’t use it everywhere. Over at Xbit-Labs-com they have taken a closer look at Chaintech’s first model in the IMO-Desk series, IMO-Desk I651U, to see how the new concept works.

Personally I have a hard time seing this as a winning concept considering the, in my opinion, unfitting design and poor graphics performance. But it’s nice to see that the SFF-market is still in development and that manufacturers are trying to find new ways to grab their part of it.

You can read more about Chaintechs odd SFF-system at


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