Det finns inte mycket mer att säga, ATIs nya Radeon-drivrutiner är här. Denna gång så är det en del prestandavinster som har utlovats, och en lista på dem finner ni här under.

  • Pixel Shader compiler improvements bring significant performance gains to PS 2.0 applications such as Halo (2-3%), Tomb Raider (4-5%) and Mother Nature (4-5%). ShaderMark 2 shows numerous gains in the 3-6% range. The High Dynamic Range scenes in ShaderMark (Tests 20 & 21) gain 10-15%.
  • RADEON X800 driver tuning improves performance for several Vertex-Shader-heavy tests. For example, Battle of Proxycon, Troll’s Lair and Mother Nature gain 9-15% on the RADEON X800 PRO.
  • Improvements in our surface allocation and texture management code have increased performance for resource-challenged cases. Re-Volt scores improve 25% at 1600×1200 across several RADEON configurations. ShaderMark Test 14 (Veined Marble) improves dramatically (up 380% at 1600×1200) on some 256MB products.
  • Improvements in OpenGL driver efficiency bring numerous small gains (1-3%) in Call of Duty, Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory, Star Trek – Elite Force II, Serious Sam, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Quake III Arena.
  • X800 memory tuning improves Anti-Aliasing performance in a number of games and benchmarks. For example, at 4xAA, 3DMark2001 gains 4-7%, UT2003 Antalus and Asbestos Flybys improve 2-7%, and the CodeCreatures score rises 15%.

Catalyst 4.6 (29.6MB) hittar ni här.
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