As usual it’s mostly bugfixes.

The performance there is to gain can be found here:
* The Pixel Shader performance of our DX9-class products has improved considerably with Catalyst 4.3.
* Halo and Tomb Raider framerates are up 3-7%.
* Shader-specific technology tests such as ShaderMark show gains in the region of 10-20% or more.
* 3DMark03’s Mother Nature scene runs 2-5% faster across the entire DX9 product line. Our 3DMark03 Pixel Shader 2.0 framerate improves 7-15%.
* Aquamark 3 performance has also improved slightly, at higher resolutions.

All news and changes which has been made in version can be found here.

Windows XP/Windows 2000 24,3MB

Windows 98/se/me 24,9 MB

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