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A roadmap detailing Intel’s desktop lineup for the processors based on the Nehalem architecture. We’ve known for long that the Extreme segment would be covered by Bloomfield running at 3.2GHz, but we know also know that Intel is planning to launch to additional processors that will cover the performance and upper mainstream segments. The two models will operate at 2.93GHz and 2.66GHz, otherwise they will have the same specifications; 8MB L3 cache, 4.8GHz QPI frequency and work in the 130W TDP envelope. Early reports suggests that both of these run very cool.

As we said above, the extreme segment will be covered by Bloomfield operating at 3.2GHz. To make it stand out a bit from the other two models, Intel has pumped up the QPI frequency to 6.4GHz. The memory controller is a bit different from the slower models. The performance and mainstream models supports only up to DDR3 1066MHz, while the extreme model sports up to DDR3-1333. All three models slide into the LGA1366 socket. Prices are expected to be in the $300-and-up-range.


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