Blizzard Entertainment. Företaget bakom de mest framgångsrika titlarna någonsin går nu till attack mot alla fuskare och hackers som gör narr av deras spel. Dom har gått ut med ett mycket upprört tal där de uttrycker vad de tycker om fuskare. Här följer lite av vad som sägs:

Please be advised that Blizzard Entertainment is hereby taking an aggressive, zero-tolerance stance on hacks and cheats committed against any games played on Hack and cheat programs provide an unfair advantage to their users, and they impair, devalue, and in some cases seek to ruin the gameplay experience of legitimate players.

The use of such programs is a violation of the Terms of Use Agreement and/or our products End User License Agreements. We are now proactively tracking down all sites that host these programs. We would also like your help in this cause. If you have any information about and/or Blizzard product hacks and cheats and the Internet sites that host them, please send this information to

Blizzard gör som hela USA, de tolererar ingen terrorism och de tänker använda alla medel för att stoppa den.


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