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Apple took the smartphone market by storm and iPhone 3G has been selling like there is no tomorrow. By the looks of it Research In Motion, who used to dominate with its BlackBerry family, is coming back. The company made an astonishing recovery when you started to compare the numbers of the first quarter 2009 with the numbers from last year. BlackBerry-based mobile phones made up 50 percent of the American smartphone market in Q1 2009, an increase of 15 percentages from the same period last year.

Research In Motion accomplished this through aggressive marketing in the USA, which was clearly reflected by the sales lists where three of the top 5 phones where from the company.

RIM BlackBerry Curve

  1. BlackBerry Curve (8300 series)
  2. Apple iPhone 3G
  3. BlackBerry Storm
  4. BlackBerry Pearl
  5. T-Mobile G1

Apple can’t be pleased with the BlackBerry family being such a success in the first quarter, but with new models and perhaps support from more operators it can strike back in the remainder of the year.


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