BitFenix earlier announced that it will present the first products at Computex 2010. The company was founded by a group of engineers from Cooler Master, abit and other well known companies and are going to focus on innovative gaming products. We’re dying to see if it can live up to the bold words, but it keeps building suspense by publishing more company-related news and peek at the Colossus case.

BitFenix product manager David Jarlestedt talks in a videoblog about the new company, the name, visions and goals. What could have been a dry company presentation was spiced with some information on BitFenix’ first product, the Colossus case. By the end of the video they show CAD drawings of the coming gamer case and even though there are no details it gives some hints of the physical design.


What we may consider promising is that BitFenix has chosen to go with stylish designs, even though it is going for a gaming alignment. How the wavy exterior will tend in real life and what kind of solution it has developed for the internal design will not be revealed until Computex on June 1st.

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Already we have pictures of a first prototype and even though we can’t share them we can tell you a bit about the design. BitFenix is building a fulltower case, as hinted by the name, and it should be around 250mm wide and 600mm high. This is just estimated, but we’re certain it will be big. The power supply is found in the bottom of the case and a 140mm fan helps transferring the heat out the back of the case. The rear panel has four holes for water cooling tubes. The front panel is solid, much like the one seen in the CAD drawings, we’re not sure how it opens.

We can’t say for certain when BitFenix products will be available in stores, but we have it on good authority that they will be distributed in Europe by the end of the summer.


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