BitFenix has now introduced its second case. Survivor was seen as early as this summer at Computex, but has now matured enough to see the light of day. BitFenix has gone with a slimmer and more anonymous format, a nice contrast to the giant Colossus.

BitFenix Survivor will be a case that take some rough treatment and once again the focus is on LAN parties or other events where the computer is seen by others.

”Will you be able to throw it in front of a moving bus or down the stairs? No, but you won’t have to worry about damaged hardware while driving to your friend’s house or LAN party”.

The round edges of the case together with a special surface treatment will keep components and panels in good shape a long time. Not surprisingly BitFenix once again offers some LED lights, but this time it is the logotype where a simple press of a button can turon off/on the effect. There is also a lever for activated the LEDs of the 200mm fan found in the front.


Hidden behind a panel in the roof we find all the levers, but also in and outputs of all kinds. Including audio, but also eSATA and USB 3.0 ports (not the Core version). The top panel also has a convenient carry handle for moving the thing around.

The slim measurements of the case, 230x502x510 mm (BxHxD), still has room for up to seven 3.5″ harddrive, or up to nine 2.5″ units. The case also holds two 200mm fans comes prepared for good cable management, holes for CPU cooler installation and tool-free design.

BitFenix Survivor will be available in stores in October, prices will land around 125€, while the budget model BitFenix Survivor Core will be yours for 90€.

survivor_top_io survivor_back
survivor_handle survivor_top
survivor_side_closed survivor_side_opened

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