Bigfoot Networks is ready to launch the third generation Killer NIC network card. The first one launch back in 2006 and was simply a powerful network card with a dedicated CPU and Linux operating system that would bless gamers with the best possible gaming experience. Killer NIC had its advantages but with a price over $250 it was a nice product. The second generation Killer Xeno Pro was priced lower, but it was still a stretch for many.

Killer 2100 is the third generation of Bigfoot Network’s series and even if it builds on the same base architecture as Killer Xeno Pro but with 400 MHz network processor and 128MB DDR2 RAM there are differences. The card has the same PCI-Express x1 interface and a single Gigabit Ethernet connector.


The price will be about the same as Killer Xeno Pro, which costs just north of $100.

The biggest difference is found in the Linux system and new applications for controlling and monitoring the card in Windows. Bigfoot Networks hopes to get Killer 2100 out through partners during the coming weeks.


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