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Graphics card maker BFG was quick to adapt to NVIDIA’s new model of GeForce GTX 295. NVIDIA has as you know designed a new model of its dual-GPU card where both GT200 chips are seated on the same PCB. A more convenient and cheaper solution that the first version of the card that utilized a so called ”sandwich” design with two linked PCBs. While most manufacturers are working on regular version of NVIDIA’s new flagship, BFG has come up with a new water cooling solution for the card.

The water block was ordered by BFG but is made by Danger Den and will keep temperatures considerably lower than the reference cooler from NVIDIA.

BFG is expected to launch the card as a part of the H2OC series that contains many water-cooled models of different graphics cards, all overclocked from factory.

Exactly when and how much BFG’s new slim GeForce GTX 295 card will cost is unknown.


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