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Most companies that sell graphics cards with factory-mounted water cooling only goes as far as installin the water block. The remaining parts; pump, radiator, tubes and other accesories will have to be bought seperately. This works well for those who already have a pretty complete water cooling kit, but those who neither have the hardware or knowledge may want to look at the two cards BFG has released, using their own complete water cooling solutions.

BFG GeForce GTX 285 H2O+ and BFG GeForce® GTX 295 H2OC are the names of the cards that use two of NVIDIA’s latest graphics circuits. The cards ship with a water cooling system BFG calls ThermoIntelligence® Advanced Cooling Solutions and was designed by cooling company CoolIT.

These unique solutions feature a top of the line BFG Tech graphics card plus a high-performance cooling loop designed by CoolIT Systems™ that pushes coolant across the GPU and exhausts heat directly outside of the system chassis. Three different system speed settings—Auto, Quiet, and Maximum—give total control over acoustics and performance.

The temperatures of the cards will be up to 30°C lower than NVIDIA’s reference cooler and by the looks of it BFG will only be offering these cards at limited quantities during August. The prices are yet to be announced.

BFG GeForce® GTX 295 H2OC™ with ThermoIntelligence® Advanced Cooling Solution

  • Memory: 1792MB (1.8GB) GDDR3
  • Core Clock: 675MHz (vs. 576MHz standard)
  • Shader Clock: 1458MHz (vs. 1242MHz standard)
  • Memory Data Rate: 2214MHz (vs. 1998MHz standard)
  • Processor Cores: 480 (combined)



BFG GeForce® GTX 285 H2O+™ with ThermoIntelligence® Advanced Cooling Solution

  • Memory: 1024MB (1GB) GDDR3
  • Core Clock: 691MHz (vs. 648MHz standard)
  • Shader Clock: 1566MHz (vs. 1476MHz standard)
  • Memory Data Rate: 2592MHz (vs. 2484MHz standard)
  • Processor Cores: 240


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