Monitor maker BenQ has been working with various gamers to develop new monitors, and then mainly FPS titles like Counter Strike. We now have the first monitor specially tailored for RTS titles in a partnership with Zowie Gear and Starcraft 2 team StarTale.

RTS (Real-Time Strategy) deserves just as much attention as other genres, not the least if you ask BenQ. The new monitor is called RL2240H has has a white design that has to be considered quite unique for a monitor today, although requested. Whether RTS gamers have been asking for a white monitor is another question though.

RL2240H is a 22″ monitor that comes with 1920 x 1080 resolution, LED backlighting and an unknown pantel type, most likely it is TN. What makes it special and tailored for RTS is that it has several functions like Smart Scaling that allows gamers to manually adjust the resolution to the size you prefer. Black eQualizer technology allows users to adjust the brightness without overexposing the white levels.


We have heard many requests for white monitors before – but is it something for RTS gamers?

The monitor also has a ”RTS-oriented preset”, which means it it specifically calibrated for RTS titles. The monitor will go on sale in Europe, Japan and Korea next month with an unknown price tag.

Source: TCMagazine


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