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Building a network can mean a serious headache when the number of computers grow to large, not the least as the distance between them grow. Wired Gigabit Ethernet network are the most efficient and best solution from a performance perspective, but the amount of cable you need for a complete network gives us the shivers. Even if wireless network are convenient, performance, especially at long range, isn’t very impressive.

Belkin has presented a third option, network over the power grid. Power cables run through all houses with stationary computers and are accessible from all rooms. Previous network solutions have been limited to 200Mbps, but Belkin offers up to 1 Gigabit with its new Powerline HD kit.

”Because of its high Gigabit speeds and consistent connection, Gigabit Powerline reduces online gaming latency and provides large bandwidth, making it ideal for online PC gaming and ultrafast high-quality transmission of multiple video streams. While the current fastest powerline technology runs at 200Mbps, Gigabit Powerline delivers content at 1000Mbps of speed.”

Belkin’s kit consists of two adapters that connect to the power outlet in each room and are easy to configure. If it delivers anything near the performance promised it looks like a very interesting solutions for people who are tired of cables or problematic wireless networks.

The price of the kit will be around 150€ when it appears in Europe in August.


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