Det populära överklockningsprogrammet ATITool har nu nått version 0.020.
Ändringar i den här versionen är:

• Position of the main window is saved now
• Rendering in a remote desktop session is now disabled
• Added info box: ”ATITool will not work with TemporalAA enabled”
• Added ”dump bios” function – please report back with which cards this is not working
• Sliders now default to 0.4x to 1.6x of frequency
• Hotkey in profile properties shows ”none” if no hotkey is set
• Radeon 9100 IGP is no longer incorrectly detected as supported chip – this fixes a bluescreen/reboot issue, thanks Valar
• Fixed sys driver problem where bios address would be incorrectly detected – this fixes a bluescreen/reboot issue, thanks Gaston
• Made the background a bit less red on non-ps 2.0 cards.
• Added support for R420 overclocking
• Fixed ’load on windows startup’ not working when your installation path had a space in it.
• Fixed disappearing entry in taskbar when settings are active.
• Fixed small tooltip typo.
• Changed code to reduce big frequency jumps (which sometimes results in crashes), max. change is 16 Mhz in 10 ms.
• Changing AA/AF settings now resets display adapter.
• Added temperature monitoring for 9600XT, 9800XT, X800
• Fixed frequencies not switching back when leaving 3D mode. A quick fix for this is in earlier versions is to enable ’play sound when leaving 3d mode’.
• List clock speeds with profile in combobox
• Fixed buggy characters in comment of auto-created default profile.
• Code cleanup

Programmet finns att hämta här.


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