Anandtech has gotten their hands on ATi’s roadmap for their future plans. Where they reveal that their next grahics card will be a PCI-Express-version of Radeon 9600XT.
A bit into the future there will be also be two VPUs that will replace Radeon 9800XT, one AGP- (R420) and one PCI-Express-version (R423).

Some specifications:
* 0.13µm low-k manufacturing technology
* ~500MHz VPU
* 1 Ghz 256-Bit GDDR-3
* 8 Piplines and 6 Vertex Shaders

Count with a big performancegain with the R42x. ATi has promised taht the next step in the development will about as big as the step between Radeon (1) DDR and 8500, or Radeon 8500 and 9700.

For more information go here.

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