Small preview imageAt the end of last week a ”review” of ATi’s coming graphic circuit R520 as posted and the results posted in the article, according to the author Sander Sassen, was from a graphic card manufaturer after that he and ATi had had an arguement. The entire article looked like a pitty revenge for not inviting him to the big launch of R520 at ATi Editors’ Day at the end of September. The benchmarks was hardly flattering for the ones waiting for R520 and many were mighty confused over this article. During the weekend the story has continued now that representants from ATI has replied to Sander’s article over at

It is not only the dispute between Sander and ATi that is explained but also points out some errors with the benchmarks posted.

”When considering the performance of our next-generation products, you need to ask yourself one very simple question: ”Would ATI seriously bring 100 of Europe’s top press to a Technology Day where they can run whatever benchmarks they choose if we thought that we were going to lose?”

How this battle of the babies is going to end is noone knows, but within a few weeks, where we at NH will have visited ATI Tech Day, there will be no questions remaining R520’s performance at least.

:: Read ATi’s, Andrzej, reply to Sander Sassen’s article
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