Small preview imageATi has without a doubt been quite annoyed with all the positive remarks nVidia has received for its work with the  Pure Video 2D-circuit, which is doing an excellent job on handling video signals with GeForce 6 and GeForce 7-series. ATi has for long had a good repuatation when it comes to multimedia graphic cards, especially considering its All-In-Wonder series. Now it has felt that it has lost some ground to nVidia among the regular graphic cards and will therefor introduce the AVIVO 2D Engine which will be a part of the R520-architecture. AVIVO is hort for Advanced Video In Video Out and the technology is focuses entirely on accelerating 2D-video and offering optimal image quality while doing just that.

At HKEPC they’ve come over a comparison table, suppose to be from ATi, that shows the pros AVIVO has compared to its competitors among others NVIDIA Pure Video. ATi seems to have been working hard with developing AVIVO where find among others support for hardware accelerated playback of H.264/VC-1 but also HD MPEG2 and WMV9 HD signals. AVIVO will include a high quality TV encoder and Multi-vector adaptive linear filtering. Through a 10-bit image circuit and support for 16-bit Dual-Link DVI-outputs ATi’s R520-series seems to be the given choice for serious HTPC-users. We are without a doubt looking forward to some more detailed information about AVIVO 2D Engine which looks to kick some serious nVidia butt. 

Source: HKEPC


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