Since the launch of AMD Athlon64 3400+ the Athlon64 3200+ has dropped in price. At various stores on the internet you can see that the price on the Athlon64 3200+ has been lowered by almost 40 % during the last two days.
The lowest price has gone from 338€r to 244€ which is much much cheaper.
The Athlon64 3000+ which only has a L2 cache of 512KB can be found for about 175€ and is still a good catch but the top models with 1MB L2 cache is now a lot more interesting since the tremendous price drop for the 3200+ model.

The newly released 3400+ come off with a price of about 368€ even if the processor hasn’t shown up in a lot of stores.

The Athlon64 processors are now beginning to approach a wider market and we can just thank them.

Thanks to Andreas for the tip!

(Note: All prices are excl. VAT)


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