During an event in San Francisco, California, AMD has the latest couple of days shown a couple of different products and innovations.
One of these was AMD 64 FX53 which will become AMD’s last desktopprocessor with Socket 940, if keeping to their previous presented roadmap. Athlon 64 FX53 works at the frequency 2.40 GHz and will be launched in a near future.

The extra interesting bit with AMD’s demoshow with Athlon 64 FX53 was the software used. The operatingsystem was a betaversion of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Extended Systems). AMD showed a 64bit-version of the truly wanted game FarCry and according to unconfirmed sources the 64bit-optimization gave a performance increase of a whopping 30%. If these numbers are true it looks, without a doubt, promising for the upcoming launch of Microsoft Windows 64-bit Edition. Which will hopefully be sooner then later.

More information on AMD’s demoshow with Athlon 64 FX53 and FarCry 64-bit can be found at Xbit-Labs.com and TechChannel.de.

For those of you interested in the game FarCry there is a sneakpeak over at our companions NordicGamers.com.


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