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WaterChill Xternal is the name of the latest creation from Danish company Asetek that has specialized in exotic cooling solutions for computers. Earlier a lot of the focus has been with compressor and phase change cooling with its VapoChill series, but lately water cooling has become a more and more important part of the company, something we have both reported about and tested here at NH at numerous accounts. Now that it is launching a new product it is to broaden the water cooling assortment, namely an external kit which means that all of the comonents are kept outside of the case, except the water blocks of course. A convenient solution and in many ways safer for those who don’t enjoy the thought of tons of water gushing through your system.

WaterChill Xternal has all of its components such as pump, radiator, fans and LCD display squeezed into an aluminum casing that can be put on top of the case. Both function and design are a bit similar to Koolance EXOS that has been very successful. The measurements are 182mm x 480mm x 102mm while weighing 4.27kg.

You can either buy just the WaterChill unit, where you except for the internal components also get Asetek’s software to control and survey the system. Only the WaterChill Xternal unit has a MSRP at 289 euro medan while you get to pay 317 euro if you want the CPU/VGA/Chipset blocks to.

Asetek has launched an interesting kit and the question is if it performs as well as the company’s other water cooling solutions. It is simply getting easier and easier for people to move on to water cooling with these external models.

We managed to find these two high resolution pictures of Asetek’s new unit:

Source: Asetek


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