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Danish cooling manufacturer Asetak has announced a new cooperation about a new kind of twp phase cooling. Asetek is best known for its liquid and phase change cooling, the WaterChill and VapoChill series. Lately Asetek has been looking into the the OEM market with some new kinds of cooling, and especially its LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling). We assume this all started back with the launch of Vapochill Micro, which a miniature phase change cooler.

This new cooperation with professor Massoud Kaviany from the University of Michigan is for developing a new kind of two phase cooling. Professor Kaviany specializes in heat transfer and thermal physics and is pretty much the perfect partner for a company like Asetek. We have to say that we are very excited about what this could lead to as many of Asetek’s previous products have been a part of milestones in yours truly and many others’ overclocking careers.

Asetek says that it is very excited about this new cooperation and that the research will be covering a liquid/gas cooling. Not entirely unlike the Vapochill Micro, or a regular phase change cooler for that matter. Unfortunately, Asetek was unable to comment on the story, but we will keep you posted if there is anything new to add to this.


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