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Asetek has been rather quiet lately and now that it launches a new water cooling system it’s not for us enthusiasts but for system builders. But then it’s hard not to turn this into something positive as Asetek’s initiative could establish and make water cooling a more accepted kind of cooling on the OEM market. Its new system is called LCLC, short for Low Cost Liquid Cooling Solution, which explains the intention of the system. Asetek has tried to create a simple and cost efficient system which will be able to compete with regular air cooling for system builders.

Asetek has displayed the system at IDF in San Francisco and means that it is an excellent way for system builders to construct powerful but at the same time quiet systems for everything from the office to the living room. The base system consists of a small radiator with a 120mm fan and a CPU water block. But this can also be completed with water blocks for both the graphics card and chipsets.

”Live demonstrations include a micro ATX Digital Home (Intel® Core™2 Duo) system noise reduced from 34 dBA to less than 25 dBA (equal to bedroom ambient).”

Today, Asetek LCLC doesn’t seem to be an option for the retail market and even if this is hardly an enthusiast solution there are still many who would like to equip their computers with quiet and effective cooling at a good price. Whether this will be possible or not remains to be seen.


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