The danish manufacturer Asetek is known for its welldesigned coolingsolutions for computersystems. Contrary to most other coolermanufacturers Asetek didn’t start with regular heatsinks or other aircooled solutions. Instead they aimed from the beginning at advanced coolingsolutions with their compressorcooler VapoChill in the front line. Asetek has now increased their VapoChill-series with a new flagship, VapoChill LightSpeed , which also is the company’s first ”standalone” of VapoChill.

The unit can be looked at as a direct attack against Nventiv’s Mach II-cooler which the last year has been looked at as the most powerful compressorsolution for commercial use. Even if Nventiv has had some issues related to the quality of their Mach II-unit, which we personally have experienced at several occations, it’s a big thing having the most powerfull solution on the market. Asetek has decided to take back the throne on this highly prestigeful market and according to themself it’s not only the performance which is interesting.

” The NEW VapoChill LightSpeed ™ represents not only the most powerful CPU cooling system commercially available – its superiority extends to control features, upgrade flexibility, CPU-mounting mechanism, CPU support, emergency shut down features and, especially, LOWEST TEMPERATURES & MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK!”

The technical specifications are very impressive where Asetek promises a coolingperformance far beyond everything else we have seen so far on the commercial market. At 240W load the unit is suppose to be able to hold a temperature of -25,5° C. The fluid used  by the LS-unit is R507, for those who wants to know. This can be compared with Nventiv’s Mach II which is specifide to handle a load of 200W at an unspecifide temperature.

We will try to get more information about the new Asetek VapoChill LightSpeed system and are aiming to get one to the testlab for a closer look as soon as possible. But until then you can find more information at Asetek’s homepage.


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