Arctic has presented a cooling paste and heat conducting tape. Arctic G-1 is a two-component thermal glue where you mix two components and it results in a glue forming. Arctic says that the thermal glue will be easy to remove and should be an interesting option to heat conducting tape.

Arctic G-1 is marketed as Thermal Glue, which is both conducting and adhesive. This is something we recognize from heat conductive tape and pads that are often used by cooling makers to attach smaller heatsinks on e.g. voltage regulators and memory chips. 

Ironically we cursed more than normal during a test of Arctic Cooling’s Radeon HD 5870 cooler where these heat pads turned out to be crap. That Arctic G-1 will result in better heat transfers than heat tape and pads is something we take for granted, but if you also manage to get the mixture right it should be fairly easy for you to remove the cooler later on, which does make it sound appealing.


Arctic says the adhesive effect till remain for 10 years after mixing, and that the work temperature is between 45°C to 200°C with thermal conductivity at 4.3 W/mk. The viscosity is measured to 320 P and the mixing paste is not electrically conductive. Arctic G-1 is sold in packages of three, with a bundled mixing tray and application tool. The price is around 7€.


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