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Antec Veris is a new series of multimedia components. To begin with the series contains only four products, but more are expected. The first and most significant product of the series is the Fusion Black 430 HTPC. This is merely an updated version of the Fusion HTPC, and while the two are similar in many ways, there are differences as well. Fusion Black 430 comes with IR receiver compatible with both Windows MCE and Vista, and a bright LCD display.

The case has a three-chamber design that keeps the power supply, motherboard and harddrives separate to eliminate noise and maximize the cooling.

The power supply is Antec’s own quiet 430W model of the 80 Plus standard. The harddrive slots have rubber dampenings and the case comes with two 120mm Antec TriCool fans with three RPM settings. We’ve tested these fans before and they are really quiet at their lowest speed. The Antec Fusion Black 430 measures costs €200 in stores.

The Veris series also contains an A/V cooler for prolonging the life expectancy of your home entertainment products through the cooling from two fans, which in turn have two modes, 5.5CFM/22.5dBA and 8.0CFM/28.7dBA. The A/V cooler measures (HxWxD) 46x429x360 mm (1.8″x16.9″x14.2″) and costs €120.

Besides these two products there is also the Antec Fusion 430 and Antec MX-1, which were launched earlier this year.


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